Policy Regarding Safeguarding Client Information

Ranger Global Real Estate Advisors, LLC (“RGREA”) understands that our clients want their information to be kept private, and our goal is to properly safeguard their information. As such, we have adopted the following policy regarding safeguarding client information.

Client information is contained in electronic or hard copy form. RGREA believes that the safeguarding procedures listed below are reasonably designed to provide a safe retention of client information.

Electronic Information

Our primary repository for client information is an electronic database maintained at RGREA. All systems that contain important client information are password protected. All systems containing client specific information have unique employee user levels. This allows RGREA to grant access to client information to only those individuals who need it to perform services on behalf of the account.

We seek to ensure that our third-party vendors, which have access to client information in the ordinary course of business, have taken steps to protect client information and will not disclose such information to others.

Hard Copy Information

RGREA retains information for a minimum of five years, and at times, ships information to a third party external storage. Our vendor performs all pick-ups and drop-offs with their trucks in order to properly safeguard our packages. Any stale or unnecessary client information is destroyed.

RGREA requests permission from clients before using any clients’ name in any marketing literature. For further information, please contact our legal and compliance department.