Ranger Global is majority-owned by the firm’s employees and veterans of the U.S. Army, and minority-owned by our strategic partner, the Knights of Columbus, a $23 billion insurance company and asset management firm. We are extremely proud of our heritage as a firm, unwavering dedication to our clients, and commitment to our motto: Rangers Lead the Way


    Ranger Global was co-founded by Andrew J. Duffy, CFA and F. Scott Tuck, West Point classmates and U.S. Army Rangers with 25 years each of institutional asset management experience. The Ranger Global team of experienced professionals possesses deep domain expertise and in aggregate more than half a century of success investing in liquid global real estate markets


    Our sole focus is liquid global real estate. We manage concentrated portfolios with high active share, comprised of 50 of the highest quality global real estate companies, emphasizing specialty property types, and seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns and enhanced yield compared to market benchmarks and industry peers